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Thread: who would want this?????

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    who would want this?????

    who would want a movie about tech n9ne?? no tech n9ne experince.. a movie!!!!

    like how he was when he was a kid

    how he wrote his first rhyme

    how he met his wife

    how he started his fucking amazing career

    how he met krizz and kutt

    sign to fucked up record labels to finally having a home to strange music.

    and touring..making records

    sharing his personnal life to his party life.

    til today???

    who would actually want that to happen?? i know i would. and it should be directed by tech n9ne himself.. what chu all think????

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    itd be sweet but good luck with that, i dont think strange has the money/time to make such a movie, especially for such a limited amount of people. if the mainstream ever goes tech n9ne then maybe it would work out

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    i think denzel washington should play tech in the movie.

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    KInda like the new Notorious BIG movie. The story of Tech N9ne that would be sweet

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    That'd Be Fukn AWESOME!

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    I remember tech saying in an interview that he wasn't going to make a movie because he didn't want his kids to have to see him grabin chicks asses on tour.. and that what his kids think of him is really important.. ill try to find the direct quote.

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    I wouldn't like it much.

    It'd just be like.

    "Tour again!"
    *wakes up*
    *wakes up*
    Tour Again!

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    i think they already made a movie like this, whats it called??? oh yea NOTORIOUS! good idea smiley but this would have to take a while to put out there. you know let some history build up more

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    That is a great idea, I've been thinkin about something like that actually. But, I also dont think that it would happen unless he goes mainstream. Because most of us here know at least some of techs life thru his songs. When and if he goes mainstream, people are gonna wanna know where he came from and what his life was like.

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    Fuck ya nig nog!

    I would have liked to see the Psychumentary to be a TEN day documentary.

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