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Thread: Who would you recommend?

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    Who would you recommend?

    I like rappers like Tech and Kutt and I'm wondering if you could recommend something that you think I would enjoy. A bit more modern Tech, hopefully, because though I know enough artists like that. Thanks in advance.

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    Dalima & D-loc, I think the album is called "gillhead structure"

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    A Darker Group Is Grave Plott Theyre Most Deff Good!
    Killa C Is Amazing Listen Ta "Torn"

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    The Dayton Family

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    Dalima & D-Loc (Gillhead structure is a bitch to find, go to Battman's site, he has it)
    Immortal Technique
    Chino XL
    Lupe Fiasco (he's kinda mainstream, but he's intelligent)

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    yo i really dont know who to recommend thats close to their z cuz they're like a genre of their own ya know. but if you're looking for good underground artist with diverse s id recommend brotha lynch hung n anyone associated with him. n theres this guy i juz recently found out bout named valtiel he goes hard too. but this is if you like darker rap music. sorry if i wasnt much help

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