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Thread: Does anyone want to get into the music business

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    Does anyone want to get into the music business

    I just want to have a job/career in the future in the music business. Workin with dope ass artists/Record labels or some shit. Not with the mainstream punks. I dont know how to get started at all though. I dont have any ties or experience in the music business. Where I live their isnt any record labels or artists. I just have a passion and like music a lot like Tech and other good rappers,/artists. I'm going to school for marketing. So maybe I could help with advertising, promotion and other stuff. But does anyone else feel like this or can anyone give good advice or help. They say do something that you like and are interested in and I like and am intersted in dope music and want to do something in the field of music. Somethin with Strange would be a dream come true. I dont care if I cleaned up shit if I worked their. but I just want to work in the music business where u can work with dope rappers and record companys like Tech and Strange Music. Does anyone feel like this or can help and give good advice.

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    you should email them. sayin you clean up shit as long as you can kick it there. then ask for promotions. its only a matter of time and we got til 2012. good luck.

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