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Thread: sometimes you feel like applying for a radio job just to promote rappers like Tech N9ne??

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    sometimes you feel like applying for a radio job just to promote rappers like Tech N9ne??

    ive had many thoughts of being one of those weekend DJ for my town and just......playin underground rapper for just 1 hr thts all id want is one hour for some tech n9ne atmosphere or immortal techniques or even a couple songs played at the club by tech........whats so hard bout tht we heard Lil waynes lame shit all day we here T.I. all day why cant you play a tech song once....just once let ppl knw who he is and the song name idk why thts such a hastle or you wannna act like soulja boy needs anymore play but tech get none

    how do you feel about this?

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    I'd love for a person like that to hit the radio.
    I honestly haven't listened to the radio in MONTHS, but I pop up occassionally, if not just to see what's going on..
    I listened to the radio for a full day once, they have a fucking CYCLE man, they just play a shitty playlist the whole day - we need rappers like Tech and Immortal Technique who produce enough GOOD SHIT to play different songs daily and keep people hooked.

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    You know he could actually get a song on the radio but he would have to edit for the ears and the listeners like eminem did with crack a bottle

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    Too bad it's not as simple as promoting them on the radio.

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    i dunno i think tech has something up his sleeve for some reason
    "now im bout to put the sleigh on auto"

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    Yo, tune into every saturday at 2 pm central time. Myself and The Paladon do just this, play the indi, underground stuff. Tech, Kutt, Stevie Stone, Approach, Steddy P, etc................been doin it for years!! Call in and show some love too. 573-443-8255 every saturday at 2pm central time. peace


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    even though a lot of people who start off in this field are all about wanting people to hear bands that THEY like and that THEY think need to be in the lime light,but it's up to the head ppl what gets played and what doesn't.if that makes sense.

    maybe try a college radio station and get them to play or find if u have a radio station that is ran by the public,not sure how that goes,but check it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by L.D.S.
    Too bad it's not as simple as promoting them on the radio.

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    Thats a good idea. I've thought bout it to man

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