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Thread: The Snake and Bat

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    The Snake and Bat

    Does anyone know how it came around? Why/how did they decide to make that the logo for Strange Music?

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    I'm assuming because it looks like S on top of an M. SM being Strange Music.

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    Hahaha you really needed to ask that question bro? funny


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    I understand that it looks like s on a m. but where did the bat and the snake come from. they could've done just the s with an m.

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    Lejo drew it I believe so.. Or thought of the logo and had somebody draw it.. All i know is Lejo had part in it.. Theres a tech interview around the web somewhere asking about that, try to google it

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    Probably because it's a "strange" way of approaching an SM logo.

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    I hate you Fofy..
    No one has given me the shits more.

    i just hate your face :|

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    Hate me for who I am not the music I listen to. If you want to hate on me go to the 5 page thread devoted to hating me instead of posting it in a topic that has nothing to do with "FUCK FOFY!!! FAT ASS BITCH!!!". You haters make me laugh.

    Quote Originally Posted by TECHN9CIAN
    Damn everyone in this forum is right about you Fofy! You are one smart ass pop off faggot! Get a life, homeboy just had a question. Fuckin punk ass juggalo!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fofy
    Probably because it's a "strange" way of approaching an SM logo.

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    "I'll tell you what he look like.....he look like a BITCH! hahahaha"

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    I can write whatever i like man..
    and i was about to respond to the topic.
    But got distracted by your fat head.
    which seems to be everywhere.

    There's no point me posting in "FUCK FOFY!!! FAT ASS BITCH!!!" topic.
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    You talk down to people.

    We all like Tech N9ne and should unite.
    But for some reason you think your so much better then everyone else...

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