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Thread: Who's got promo?!

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    I would love to help out and spread the word!!!! how do i get started?????

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    That snake and bat is fuckin sick. I've never seen it like that before. Is that the sampler?

    I could spread this shit to my whole college. I'm probaly one of the only technicians at my school, get people started on Tech. Just north of Red Rocks too.

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    jeeze, thats alot. ive only seen people from MO and surrounding areas with swag. doesn't really make any sense. they don't tour over here in the east or south very much because they don't have a strong enough fanbase (i'm assuming thats why) but they don't advertise or get street teams organized that i'm aware of. but we all know of the flaws in strange's marketing.

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    dude how u get that shit?

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    how do u get started??? hit me back

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    got the samplers in today,tryin to get w/ my ppl so we can hit dallas hard.

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    id like to know too

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    The best thing to do is find your local market, as found by looking at the Fontana one-sheet. The market I was given this promo for (Springfield, Mo.) is a market that thrives mainly on touring, but the surrounding areas buy up Strange albums very well. It also happens that I am versatile in the Arkansas area, which use to be a strong market for Strange, but fell by the way side with lack of show sales.

    It's really about putting yourself out there to the label, and if your assistance is needed in an area you are in, then you get promo. I also happen to moderate the siccness forum, so that helps, and I've established an informal acquaintance with Tech, Travis, and Snug(among others). All of that comes in to play. Regardless of what Scenario thinks he knows about who I am and what I do, I'm still a strong promoter and I come from a real side with my opinions and am highly respected in my community. My shittalking is a way of weeding out lames.

    Britton Kimler(head of marketing) called me last week on the spot and asked me to lead Springfield's promotions because the dude that has done it in the past was no good. Myself and a friend went through absolute hell getting promo, and eventually the promo we got came from James who ran promo in Kansas City. That's how shitty the deal was. We got promo from the promo guy in another key market over 150 miles away.

    Be persistent, and always let them know you've got time to help them spread "the virus". Ain't no shame in being persistent. Just be respectful when you do so!

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