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    i personally feel prozak, tech and twista kilt why, im waitin on the new twista and prozak song 2 drop, anyone have any ideas wat its about, or anythang on wen prozak is droppin a single? also i havent really noticed prozak and kutt on 2 many songz 2gether any ideas???

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    Prozak is really fuckin dope. I think he had the best cd last year. Cant wait for The Hitchcock of Hip Hop and Horrorifick Thoughtz with Project Deadman. I think he doesnt have that many songs with Kutt is because even though he is signed to Strange Music he does a bunch of shit with other people that arent on Strange. Prozak is kind of different in the way that he isnt directly affiliated with Tech like Kutt, Krizz, and Skatter and Snug used to be. He kind of does his own thing. Like they were kind of talkin about that on the dvd that came with the Tales in the Sick. How he is different than the rest on Strange and is kind of like the "oddball" in the Strange Crew obviously in a good way though.

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    i don't like this artist...

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    Prozak is my favorite artist on Strange other then Tech so I'm wondering the same thing, and i can't wait for some new shit to drop.

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    im not 2 big on prozak either, he's out shined on the strange lable, i never have and never will drop a dolla on any of his shit!..2 be honest he just dosent do it 4 me, i dont find his raps any good, he got sum good verses here and there, but not worth buying the album.

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    I have alot of respect for Prozak. I remember he was outside the gathering 04 trying to promote his shit just like all the other hungry artists. Now hes on strange music. Just goes to show that if u dedicate yourself towards your goals, good things can happen.

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    I really like prozak and I am looking forward for his new album to drop on sept. 29th. he's my second fav. strange artist.

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    I like Prozak, Crossing Over is one of my fav songs

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