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Thread: fuck everyone who doesn't like Kutt

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    fuck everyone who doesn't like Kutt

    im tired of these fucking posts saying that

    1. Do you think Kutt Calhoun Doesn't Fit in to strange?
    2. Do you think Kutt Calhoun slows down the performances with Tech and Krizz?
    3. Do you think Kutt Calhoun Is Lame?

    Fuck all you people who question and hate. Kutt is the Fucking Man. And He completes the Three Headed Monster Of Tech N9ne Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun.

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    true the question can only be answered so many times

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    Kutt's delivery is just as good as tech's. He's just more laid back. and I like him more than krizz

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    Im so fuckin sick of these people. Why the fuck are they even on here. Tech is KC King Kutt is KC Chief. If your a real Technician u gotta respect and like Kutt. Hes one of the dopest rappers.

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    I agree Kutty fits in perfect with Strange I don't know what the fuck these haters are saying.Did you hear his fuckin album.How about every guest verse he has laid down that has been straight fuckin fire.Anybody who thinks Kutt deosn't fit with Strange is a fuckin idiot.

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    does anybody got a link to this song i would use a youtube mp3 converter but its not the greatest quality i couldnt hear kutts verse all that well

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    yeah baby what album is that song on. shit is hot!!
    Quote Originally Posted by LoveBucketS
    Kutty's verse on this song is fucking insane verse 2. This is just one example of how raw calhoun is for all you kutt haters. Verse 2

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    kutt calhoun fits perfectly into Strange
    maybe some of those people didnt listen to feature presentation or something?
    colors was a sick ass song to
    fuck all the haters

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    Agree 100000 %
    Flamez Mixtape Is THA SHIT!!!!!

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