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Thread: stranges best year without a tech album?

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    stranges best year without a tech album?

    just thinking with prozak, krizz and mayday all dropping unreal albums with stevie stones to come is this stranges best period of time without a major tech release???

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    It is the best year, no doubt.

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    Yeah definitely.

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    we are getting a tech album later this year though. according to some interview i watched somewhere.

    but yeah, just considering krizz dropped his best album to date, and MAYDAY dropped a fucking unreal album.

    if stevie's improves on his last album as well, then i think we can say it is strange's best non-tech year.

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    this isnt gonna be a non-tech year, hes dropping an album on October 30th

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    no doubt. Mayday had 1 of Strange's best releases hands down (including Tech albums), Prozak's was dope, Krizz had his best album to date. Stevie Stone I'm sure is going to be a decent album at least.

    Lynch will have his album this year it looks like, and it'll have a 'big name feature,' hopefully being his long awaited collab with Em, which will be monumental for Strange.

    And yeah, Tech will probably put something out too. Ces Cru MAYBE in late 2012, so that's another 1 to look out for, and hopefully we'll get a Kutt mixtape or something

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    The 2008 is the best year for Strange Music!

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