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    east cost

    what's going on with strange not coming to the east cost for sickology 101 tour i know every single concert iv gone to when tech came out hear and they were sold out every time.

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    same here. he did 4 shows in fl........... i went to 2 of them, if idda stayed for the orlando and jacksonville show idda got fired from work. i've been dying for him to come anywhere close to fl, i'll drive up there in a van and pick up the rest of the hungry eastern technicians lol

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    haha yea me and all my friends and newly addicted technicians have all decided no matter what the closest show is we are driving to it. one of his tours we went to the one in providence then the next day almost drove to Connecticut to see him again, but i would have gotten suspended of fired haha.

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    i'm right there wit ya. shit was off tha chain when he was down here in FL. got to kick it back at tha telly wit him, treal n critical bill, dopest show i've ever been to. they need to get back down here, i'm thinkin' a road trip newayz but come a lil closer at least..................

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