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Thread: Mr. Luna Catches Up With Tech N9ne ( VIDEO)

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    Mr. Luna Catches Up With Tech N9ne ( VIDEO)

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    Tech, just wanted to make sure you saw this if you hadn't spoken to Luna yet. I killed the night vision, which is why it's in B &amp; W, and I cut the retard stalker. Note to fans: Retard stalker footage will never show up on Youtube. Shit will put you sleep, trust me, you don't want to be Sedated. It's almost as bad as shaking the urine-soaked flippers of some random Lobster-boi ankle-grabber when you're trying to relax in your hometown. Ya dig?


    Topcity, bitches. BTW, Tech, Topcity is officially sorry for the Club 2000 and Washburn fiascoes.

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    Best fucking quote ever lmao

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    The best part is the part I cut. If Tech personally tells me it's cool, I will throw it up. Tech clowns the fuck out of this wannabe MC about 45 seconds before the interview ends.

    If you guys want to know more about Luna, check myspace or google for Empire (KC KS AND KCMO) or listen to him live every Friday @ 9 on Straight Lunacy @ Luna never name drops Tech, which is cool as hell, because every other performer in the area does, but what's even cooler, as you can see from the video, is that if anyone has a right to do it, it would be Luna, Sg, Grant Rice or Panic (EMPIRE).

    Keeping it real in the Midwest...

    Topcity, BITCHES!

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