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Thread: Nuthin to do wit tech, but i u play madden 09 on ps3...

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    Nuthin to do wit tech, but i u play madden 09 on ps3...

    play me. send me a friend request or just reply to this with ur online name

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    awwww shit, its goin down, lets get a game, thts my fave game 2 play anyway, and tht resident evil 5 is killin em, its a must have if u aint got it yet, heres my online id, mizeryluvkompany i use tht one the most, but my madden online id is REDRUMsick, lets get it, and get tht r.e.5.

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    Yo would love to have some good competition on the ps3 my sn is KingofRenoeNVy

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