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Thread: The biggest show tech played

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    The biggest show tech played

    What's the biggest venue he has played

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    im pretty sure its gonna be the Red Rocks show

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    i think it would be either the summer jam show in salt lake city, or the one he did in denmark. paid dues was suppoe to hold 40,000 thousand but i dont think their was that many people there.

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    Summer jam...SLC. I was at the one that had Chingy. It was a pretty big show.

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    ya i am going to the red rocks one i am so stoked its not even funny

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    he played in front of 8,000 last summer in kc at the summer jam at sandstone amphitheater

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    Im going to have to say rock the bells will be be the biggest. but obviously he hasn't done that yet. there were a lot of people at paid dues but I was expecting there to be a lot more.

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    1992-93 talent show at Washburn University. Tech played as the feature local performer while two other contempary groups/artists/ Evil Loc and DVS Mindz ( The co-founder of DVS MINDZ, STR8JAKKETT, also does a live show every Friday at called Straight Lunacy) battled it out for number 1. Loc narrowly won, an issue which is still in contention almost 20 years later. Seriously.

    Loc has done a couple songs with Tech. The best is a track with Fat Tone (alleged killer of Mac Dre and another KC native). Can't remember the name offhand, but we play it several times a day on "The Treehouse" @ I think Loc or Tone released it.

    Just educating you guys on a little history. But maybe I have some details wrong and Tech will educate us all? Hmmm...

    Topcity, BITCHES!

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