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Thread: 2009 a good year for hip hop?

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    2009 a good year for hip hop?

    We all know the state of hip hop at this current time and the only thing that gets played on radio and on mtv and bet is this bullshit know as the 'ringtone rapper era'. Well i say no more and with albums from Tech N9ne, Bone thugs n harmony, Smoothe da hustler, Saigon, Mf grimm, Doom and many more coming out this year could this be the year where people will say hip hop is back with vengence ?

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    Yes this is Strange year, worldwide fames near
    but the games queer
    sometimes i feel like im Rudolph the Reindeer

    but 4real. i think so. the underground hiphop movement has a snowball effect on it n its growing every minute.
    people are starting 2 get tired of the Lil Wayne, Akon, FloRida, n Tpain bullshit that floods the airwaves.
    theyre noticing the lack of lyrical content (its all money,cars,bitches,clothes,and jewelry)
    so theyre thirsting for something more. way more.

    n with independent hip hop festivals like Paid Dues and Rock The Bells that have turnouts of over 50thousand people...those people talk...they get the word out...posting videos n blogs and jus talkin bout it wit their friends.

    real hip hop is making a move for the TV screens
    home invasion.
    coming soon.

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    Mainstream Hip Hop has reduced itself to nothing more than music to dance to in a club. I've heard way too many people like a song just because of the beat. The beat has nothing to do with the rapper's talent unless they self produce which isn't common. A lot of mainstream rappers can't even write their own songs. They got cats like Ne-Yo writing songs for rappers. It's very saddening. I've lost hope for mainstream Hip Hop ever since I heard candy shop and all the other shitty songs of that time. What happened to lyrics with meaning or at least a good rhyme scheme. Maybe even some punclines. If you want good beats go download some instrumentals damn it.

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    The beginning of this terrific year of Hip-Hop officially started, in my opinion, when P.O.S.'s album came out.

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    I got to admit 2008 sucked for music, Tech N9ne - Killer and Z-Ro - Crack were the only two albums that were any good to me. The Carter 3 did excellent in sales but in my opinion, I gave it a chance and it was awful. It goes to show that talent has nothing to do with album sales. In 2009 however, there are so many good album's coming out like Tech N9ne (Sickology 101 and K.O.D.), Chamillionaire (Venom), Bone Thugs (Unifi), UGK (Underground Kings), Eminem (Relapse & Relapse 2) and more. Im not a big fan of Slim Thug but go out and buy his new CD Boss of all Bosses its worth the money. Im very excited and looking forward to 2009.

    Hell Yea!!!

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    I can't honestly remember the last time I was anticipating this many releases
    In one year as much as I am now tech with 2 albums dr dre is gonna drop another
    ic ill put money on that one eminem cham royce 59 red n meth the list goes on
    I think that tech himself is the x factor in this list of artist's simply because he's
    The biggest name in the independant game and has the money to get his shit on the
    Radio with that happening strange has the potential to shut down the fuckin game
    And absolutly change the face of hiphop politics as we know it I can't fuckin wait to see
    What happens next I don't think a lot of hiphop fans know what's about to him them

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    No Howie love La Coka Nostra is coming out with A Brand You Can Trust. And chamillionaire is gonna come out with 2 or 3 Mixtape Messiahs and Venom. Gonna be a good year.

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    Im excited the most for Strange Musics releases, Brotha Lynch, La Coka Nostra, Bone Thugs. That alone will make it one of the best years in a while.

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