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    DZK is the dopest dude alive aside from tech.yall shud listen to his shit and c if hed be good teamin up with tech.

    www.warlab,com click on music and find a song called Torcher.dudes got hella songs but i recommend that one first

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    Senior Member b-rock's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Sounds dope as hell. Do have any of his cds or anything.

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    Senior Member Big Shot's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    thats......FUCKIN SICK!

    sounds like immortal technique but fast. with a little em and mike shinoda

    yo that link don't work.

    so whats dudes name?

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    DZ's a beast on the mic.

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    I think it would be tight, DZK pretty tight!!!!

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    I've always been a fan of DZK...that album he dropped with "Like A Hoe" and "Psycho" was iiiill. A collaboration with Tech would be a must in my book.

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    bump the freshness.

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    spade!!! what up my nigga? and i gotta agree with you honestly i can never decide who i think is better on tha mic. of course tech always kills it but dzk is a fuckin monster. i could only dream of a track with tech and dzk

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    alrite big shot dont click on this link,jus type in and wen u get into the site click on "music" its rite on top.its not just all his songs,its all his and the ppl he fucks with.F.A.T. is fuckin dope too.i culd give yall all the info about dzk but for rite now just go chek his shit out.hes one of the all time best

    and to techfan,he dont got cds,hes a hella xtreme underground rapper.u can buy his individual songs or dl them.either way u get waht u want.

    to everybody:we all needa talk to tech and dzk and have them niggas meet or sumthin lol

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    I remember him from Soundclick. Dude's still awesome.

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