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Thread: Strictly Strange DVD Release Date and more

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    Strictly Strange DVD Release Date and more

    I just got my new Murder Dog and it has a add for Sickology 101.It has the release dates for the upcoming Strange Music releases.I don't know if anybody has had official dates but this is what they have listed.

    Tech N9ne-Sickology 101 April 28
    Krizz Kaliko-Genius July 14
    Tech N9ne-Strictly Strange DVD July 28
    Tech N9ne Presents Big Scoob-Monsterifik September 15
    Prozak-The Hitchcock Of Hip Hop September 29
    Tech N9ne-KOD October 27

    It doesn't say anything about Liquid Assasins solo album or Kutt Kalhoun's next album.

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    Kutt doesn't have anything coming out

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    LA is probably more considered a dirty thug artists since hes really part of them wit a distrubution deal wit strange

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    It didn't say anything about A Kutt Kalhoun album.

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    I Kutt's cd doesn't come out till 2010 sometime from what i've heard.

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    July 28 Strictly Strange DVD....I'm marking my calender for that.

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    hell yes a murder dog reader, dope mag, man. shits hard 2 find tho out here, like only a few spots got it, did u get the one with the whole strange fam on the cover??...i missed that one and wanted it bad, u get the one from back in the day with tech on the cover??

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    Kutt's album will be out next year... before summer I believe. I'm sure LA's will also drop next year. I've seen flyers and shit for it, so I'm sure it wont be too long.

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    Tulsa oklahoma is one of the shows on the strictly strange dvd I cant wait its gonna be sick

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