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Thread: Where is Brotha Lynch?

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    Where is Brotha Lynch?

    We have EP's and albums with Kutt,Kaliko,Tech. But nothing but empty promises as usual from Lynch.
    Nothing says Strange Music to me like BLH. Is there any news coming about Mannibalector?

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    he probably locked himself in someones tomb to write Mannibalector haha. he'll pop up eventually.

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    yeah both our scenarios are totally realistic to begin with ahha.

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    Hopefully after Rollin' Stone we get SOME sort of information about his next album.

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    I just saw Brotha Lynch last weekend in Reno. He was at the Slick Rick concert.

    ...then the following night he was in Lake Tahoe at the E40 concert where they performed "Zombie"

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    ya lynch come on dog. album cover, tracklist, single give us somethin

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    That was the funniest thing I've ever read. xD

    Quote Originally Posted by Germ-X

    He's in South Africa eating hamburger meat. He's not trippin tho cuz thats the shit he likes to eat.

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    he's probably still working on the album. he always puts himself on lockdown when making albums though, he did it with CHS so I'm not surprised we haven't heard anything. since he said this is going to be more crazy than CHS and DAAM, i'm sure it'll take more time. that and he's probably also got collabs to get down as well

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    He just released his 2nd album in a year span last April. Its only been like 13 months since CHS...

    I hope he releases an album this year, but if not, it should be early next year at the latest.

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    i heard lynch was gunna release spiderman along with mannibalector?

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