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Thread: Tech's face paint

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    Tech's face paint

    Love the face paint for his album cover.I dont know why but every time I see it,It reminds me of the movie jeepers creepers.

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    hell yeah that pic of him where his whole face is painted with his hair picked out and hes standing in front of a bunch of people in like aroom is the sickest pic ive seen of him

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    thats the sickest pic ive seen. its tight how he has his hair picked out and the full face paint is sick

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    i was there! i saw him like that in this pic im not in it cause i was 3rd from the back in the line. it was only one line but they made it look like 2!! tech wasnt there when we was in there tho. he came in after! sick ass pic still!!

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    All of his facepainted pictures are fucking ill. I love when he has FTI on his face because fuck the Industry and all those hating bitches. real talk bL

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