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Thread: Anyone kind of missed the times when Tech

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    Anyone kind of missed the times when Tech

    did most of, are at least a a lot of his own choruses
    I love Big Krizz
    i just feel like he's feat. as the chorus or over layering techs voice in the chorus
    in a ton of tech more recent stuff

    Don't get me wrong Krizz is great, i just sometimes wanna hear Tech only

    anyone feel me?

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    oh yeah i hear ya loud and clear

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    Senior Member J3R3177Y's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    I wouldn't mind if Tech did a COMPLETELY SOLO album...(but it won't happen)

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    Senior Member Andrew34's Avatar
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    Krizz Kaliko is a true genius and does make some ic choruses but I would like if Tech did more of his own shit.Sometimes its Krizz Kaliko on the hook and doesn't even have him listed as a feature.He does 95% of the hooks now Tech should mix it up more.

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    missed tha biancas and beatrices and gunz will bust type muzik and by tha way i luv kaliko as tha hook guy

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    all three make tech n9ne cuz their all bad ass....dont complain

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    You have a problem with Kali & Kutt...
    Stop complaining.

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    i know tech aint a regular artist...

    but seriously...

    who honestly does a completely SOLO album... excpet for the ic rock groups and shyt...

    but krizz completes tech...

    its like havin mac with no cheese...

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    deff man krizz is sick as hell but i love to hear just the fucking king himself every once in a while

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    naw, wut hes has in krizz is a fuckin jewel, dude is way talented, how many rappers u no can sing a hook, then rip the track?? not many, if any!

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