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Thread: Caribou Lou and The Sickology Tour.

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    Caribou Lou and The Sickology Tour.

    Who the fucc iz gunna get fucc'd up for the show?!

    I sure am.

    Last time we bought sum caribou...everything juz went wrong! We show'd up...we had the 151 nd mali n the other car nd we had the cupz nd shyt....we parked so far away...forgot the cupz met up with other guyz...he forgot the shyt too...I wuz wayyy to lazy to walk that far again...nd thiz guy sure didn't wanna go get the shyt I wuz completly sober for the show! IT SUCC'D.

    We ain't gunna have a group this time either...itz juz gunna be me, my man, and my brother in law...I asked everyone if they wanna go...all they can say iz ' I HAVE NO MONEY!' Are you kiddin me?

    Neway...tell me sum of your caribou storiez!

    On my 18th birthday I drank so much caribou lou...SOOO MUCH. I didn't get sicc...I started drink around like 11 or 12 nd my man nd my brother were like you need to get high for your 18th birthday! I wuz like okay...took a hit...MADE ME SICC! I spent half of the time in the bathroom sink...lmfao...Wen I felt better I started drinking more...drank sum mali from the bottle...took a shot of 151! MISTAKE! wuzn't that bad but, it didn't feel to gud. Had to help my brother in law man got I WUZ DA ONLY ONE STILL DRINKIN MY CARIBOU! LOL. Kinda gay.

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    I drank a shit load of caribou lou and ended up passed out in my friends backyard in a bush haha i guess when my friends tried to carry me inside i told them to leave me there this was the most comfortable ive ever been haha i dont remember half the night

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