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Thread: sickology 101 album leak.

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    Nov 2008

    sickology 101 album leak.

    ok so ive been hearing lots of rumors that techs new album has leaked. if this is so, then dont download the fucking album!!!! wait just like all the other loyal technicians on here and fucking buy it. i believe that i speak for alot of us when i say that tech deserves every album sale possible!! but if you do just so happen to download it then you better take your ass to the a fucking cd store and buy his album. SUPPORT YOUR MUTHAFUCKIN ARTIST!!!!!!!!

    strange love,

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    Nov 2008
    hell yeah

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    Nov 2008
    im buyin 2 nuff said lol first time ive done that for anyone buyin 2 of the same cd!! april 28th!!!!

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    Lets Get Tech N9ne another Million!.

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    Hellz yeah! I'm still buying that shit!

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    Sickology hasn't leaked yet.

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    I dont think its leaked but when it does I have no problem if people are going to download the album, and then buy it when it comes out.

    Its when people only download the album that I disagree with.

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    My pre-order's already in there, but no way (unless it takes weeks after release for me to get mine) am I downloading it. I want to hear it at CD quality while wearing my new tech t-shirt first

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    I totally agree, Tech Nine comes second to none. I think that anybody leaking it, if they are true fans, will support his family and record label and purchase the album. Let's sell another 1000000 + for the king of Kansas!!!!!!!!!

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    i agree fuck downloads i got every album from the worst 2k to killer right now and cant wait to get sickology

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