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Thread: Itunes to raise prices!

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    Itunes to raise prices!

    up to 1.29 a track supposted to start April 7th, so get what you can while it is cheap!

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    Thats fucked up. I dont get shit off I Tunes anyway and never will. I just buy the Tech and Strange Cds when they come out at best buy or at Strange's website. Thats too much for one song. Since the number of songs also determine the prices of cds sometimes the cds are going to be expensive as hell. So just buy the cds from Strange or Best Buy. Thats what I do and always will do.

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    Also CD's are also raising to that is supposed to happen like at the end of the summer spposed to go for 24.99 a cd

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    Wow, thank god I don't get shyt off iTunez nemore.

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