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Thread: Sickology 101 Tracklist?

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    Sickology 101 Tracklist?

    Not sure if it's been announced or found yet but click on the ringtones tab and you'll find what looks like a tracklist for Sickology 101
    Rehosted -

    Sickology 101
    Midwest Choppers 2
    Ghetto Love
    Poh Me Anutha
    We Kixin' It
    Let Me In
    In The Air
    Blown Away
    Party and Bullshit
    Sorry N'Shit
    Far Away
    Red Nose

    Sorry if this is old info, but it's news to me

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    Senior Member l<ingJuelz's Avatar
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    lol...its news 2 me 2....thx

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    Senior Member Smoke's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    it could be true or not we don't know

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    looks legit to me, nice work

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    party and bullshit better be fuckin sick

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    i wish it wasn't cause alot've 'em don't look intereting idk why maybe because i see no featuring artist lol

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    how much do the ringtones cost? Ill just get all of them

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    isnt he supposed to have F.A.N.S on there?

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    i know thats what i was thinking (Friends Always, Never Sometimes)

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    It looks official props on that shit this album is gonna be dope.

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