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Thread: Tech N9ne Speech

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    Tech N9ne Speech

    Has any one done a speech for any of es on Tech N9ne. I got to do a speech. It's called a Special Occasion Speech. You can do an apreciation speech. Its where your speech is about appreciating someone or something. And i'm thinkin about doing one on appreciating Tech. Ill talk about how his music comes from his heart and how he always thinks of his fans. The thing is im not sure if I will be able to do it because the teacher has no clue on who Tech N9ne is and the rest of the doesn't either. She will prolly be what the fuck who the hell is this you cant do a speech on that guy. It's just an idea I want to do it but prolly cant anyways.

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    you should maby add why you like him so much, how he started out and how his life was before he started his career and how he came up into the music indusrty why he chose rap , how has has a Very large fanbase and he remains underground, i dont think it should matter if your teacher knows who tech is, just education them about him and why you appricate his music so much good luck

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    ya its probably better to do it on something they dont know so tey'll learn something new. Plus tech is the bomb lol

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