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Thread: Sickology 101 leak Favs

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    Sickology 101 leak Favs

    1.Red Nose
    2.Sickology 101
    3.Take It off(idk if this was actually a sickology song or just a free song)
    4.Let Me In

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    The only song that is really a leak to this point is Red Nose, however everyone knew that was a track because of the video he made....The other songs are all easily available to fans. I am a true believer that tech fans will not steal his music. Yes they may download it now for free but every tech fan I know have already preordered the album. That is the great thing about N9ne fans they know good music and they reward the artist for that.

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    All of his new material has been way DIFFERENT (but still SICK AS FUCK!)

    l love hearing new songs as they leak...but I HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE TO PURCHASE ALL HIS DVD'S AND CD'S

    I'm out this BITCH!!!

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