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Thread: one tech song...

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    one tech song...

    alright, my friend somehow hates tech n9ne, dont know how...
    he says he doesnt like him for the shittiest, bullshit reasons.
    whats one song I can show him to prove tech is the best.

    just as a background, he likes rapper niggas like biggie, nas, the game,
    rap cats like that.

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    the rain

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    midwest choppers

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    Grab him by the jugular and strangle his neck. If you decide to let him live then...

    If he's white then tell him to listen to ALL OF ANGHELLIC and/or Rose Funeral and/or Whitechapel

    If he's black then tell him to listen to Happy Ending, Last Words, I love you but fuck you

    I listen to Death Metal, Tech N9ne and Wu-tang

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    show him too much

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    Dude just show him Tech's old school gangsta shit (The Calm Before The Storm, The Worst, and Anghellic)

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    show him a message to the black man from mlk

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    Here comes Tecca Nina, cuz your friend will be bumpin Sickology 101 in less than a month. Lotta good songs listed from peeps, nice work guys.

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    There will always be haters but fuck them they don't know what there missing.Tech is a legeng in the game and nobody can say diffrent.

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    my first song was here comes tecca nina, or u could show him big bad wolf...... sleeping beauty is my personal fav...... or thugz get lonely 2 with tupac........fuck it show him jackin 2k that shit will get him for real

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