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Thread: i Fukin HAte Lil WAYNE Y? share your thoughts??????????

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    i Fukin HAte Lil WAYNE Y? share your thoughts??????????

    1) 2 many lil wayne cock riders think hes the best rapper alive and they dis TECh N9ne alot
    2) he kissed bird man idk but you thats fucking GAY
    3) fake ass blood used 2 be called cash millionaire crips awhile back now hes a blood out of no where
    4) got his chains Jacked by some real crips in compton (spider locc and 40 glocc)
    5) His music is straight up Fake and gay ass fuk
    6) so much fagets love him its funny

    So0o if u love lil wayne and this offends u come dwn to my city in SOuthern CAli(626) covina yadadamean????

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    My thoughts are..

    If anyone makes another Lil Wayne thread they get banned. Share your thoughts...

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    I agree with you, he is horrible, I hate him.
    But seeing threads about him on TECH N9NE's site makes me just as mad, if not more mad than his faggot music.

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    i dont care for lil wayne hes 2 overplayed..6 years ago he was good though (but gillie da kid wrote his music then and the carter 2 was pretty solid) now though he is my least favorite rapper..i will give him credit though caz hes on everything which means sumbody likes him and he has ur ass stayin up all nite and makin threads about u gotta give credit where credit is do

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    ok i use to like his music but honestly it is getting old and i really dont think he is that great, i saw him on mtv spring break and he was singing some new rock song i thought it sucked ! and what are threads lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by miss trubs
    and what are threads lol
    this topic we are replying to

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    his music is terrible and he is a huge pussy

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    FUCK LIL WAYNE ! ! !

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    lil wayne is a bitch, hes cocky as hell, id like 2 whip his punk ass my damn self!...dont trip hes gonna be dead b4 2 long all them drugs hes on, or sumbody will dust him off!...hes a pussy 4real he dont want it with 50, he keeps duckin him! fuck u lil wayne punk!!

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    Hes popular becuz theres really no competition in mainstream rap right now. I mean if u look at rock or country, no single band dominates. Theres a good a variety in all the genres except rap

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