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Thread: whats the best tech n9ne concert you have been to?

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    whats the best tech n9ne concert you have been to?

    whats was the crazyiest thing that happened?

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    The Best tech show I've ever seen was the show in Spokane, Wa right after they flipped the van and shit. it was raw real no props. just a stage and a man with a dedication to Us his fans to be there no matter what. Not even a near death experience could stop this man and i can say i was there. Best Show ever and i've been to my share

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    Lets see, The Sprite Liquid Mix Tour, he was the opening act for Jay-Z and 311, Hoobastank, NERD, and Nappy Roots, I was in pit, at the Nissan Pavillion in VA, smoking a blunt and next thing I know Tech and KaliKo were standing right next to me, so I passed him the blunt and he puffed way, as well did Kaliko. I was like this is so cool, I am smoking a blunt with Tech N9ne watching Jay-Z. He stood there smoking with me till the blunt was gone and four songs later he left, but before he left he gave me his Absolute Power sample cd.

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    Unfortunatly I've only been to one...[soon to be alot more]....nothing really happen except people getting tookin out cuz of smoken bluntz nd alot of fitez broke out. Oh yeah one guy came up to all of us standing outside and said "TECH N9NE SUX!" These group of guyz were all like fucc you bitch! The guy ran Hopefully I can get up close nd personal on may 22nd! I wuz to short to see anything last time.

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    I would have to say the strange noise tour o8 in kansas city. it was huge and everyone from kmk head pe dirtball to tech kutt big krizz prozak and it was awsome to see and be part of the family in kc.

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    id have 2 say the fire and ice tour, he torn that muthafucka down!!

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    PAID DUES THE hOMies and i started the 1 and only mosh there shit was crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy=D drunk as a motha fuka yadadamean tech n9ne

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    Ive seen him 9 time in 2 diff states at 3 diff venues and I would have to say that KCMO was the the BEST Tech show ever and Tulsa, Oklahoma would come in seccond

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    Seen him 2 times in Tulsa OK and he KILLS it here every time! He loves T-Town and we love the N9ne!

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