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Thread: WHY?!?!?!

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    did krizz kalikos first and wat will b big scoobs first album have tech n9ne presents in the title when s and s or kutty kal didnt have it

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    It Just Does...Does It Matter?
    They're ALL Amazing Albums...Just Leave It

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    Probably cuz they are lesser known and havin Techs name in there draws attention. and when people search tech n9ne, their names will pop up too. IDK?

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    Tech probably had less to do with Kutt's first album than with Kalikio's and Big Scoob's albums. Also Tech is all over Kaliko's album, where he's not on Kutt's often. I'm no insider or anything, just my thoughts.

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    kutt and s and s where on the 2nd album with strange and krizz and big scoops are or were on their first, thats my guess

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    like the homie said skatterman, snugbrim & kutt calhoun were the first to drop an album on strange music back in the absolute power days "street legendz" and "bleve" and this was before he linked up wit fontana who helps them with marketing and distribution and before they came up wit the idea of "tech n9ne presents:" now i guess all newcomers will have that mark on there first cd like the homie greedyhitman said

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    It's no big deal, does it matter what the title of album is if the shit is dope? I do know Kutt had shit out before Feature Presentation, so that could be a possible reason.

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    Its for people that still get their CD's from CD stores.

    They're filed under "Tech N9ne" in CD stores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KirbyTheAlmighty
    Its for people that still get their CD's from CD stores.

    They're filed under "Tech N9ne" in CD stores.
    Only one fuckin' Tech N9ne cd at the local Best Buy in Green Bay, WI ~


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    kali said in an interviwe that tech was a large inspiration and he worked har on it too so he called it like that

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