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    that red nose is the first single from a collabos album. and there aint no collabos on red nose??? thats kinda ironic id say

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    thats songs sick as fuck so its ok that its not collabos

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    yeah that's some crazy shit homie, but what if it's gonna be on K.O.D.? just saying but that's crazy and i didn't even notice that. i guess i was too busy feeling the song

    but i love that growling shit. that sounds raw as fuck

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    I want to see that video so bad.

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    or what if its gonna be a single release

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    It's perfect with just him on it. Because the song is about him. He doesn't need anyone else on that track, yadddamean?? haha

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    I hope the songs that have been leaked aren't on the album at all. I hate leaks and love surprises.

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    The same thing happened with Girl Crazy, Message to the Black Man and The P.A.S.E.O.

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    those songs arent leaked
    there part of the sampler you can go to the strange inc website and listen to all of it
    and tech's myspace so yeah they will be on there but i kno what you mean
    i listen to like half of everready before it came out thinkin they weren't gonna be on there but yah it sucked

    kinda lol

    Quote Originally Posted by whitetECHN9NE
    I hope the songs that have been leaked aren't on the album at all. I hate leaks and love surprises.

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    Red Nose would probably be more at home on K.O.D., but I guess he needed a good single with just him for Sickology

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