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    top verse

    i usually see discussion on fav song pretty often well i wanna know what a couple of you're fav verses' are. me personally i like:

    2nd verse in "it's alive"
    2nd verse in "this is me"
    2nd verse in "one good time"
    1st verse in "trapped in a psycho's body"
    3rd verse in "paint a dark picture"
    1st verse in "you don't want it wit me"

    just to name a few. now there is no real limit but i'ld like to know at least 5.
    start thinking

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    All Verses From Trapped In A Psycho's Body

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    yeah i see what you're saying but i love how the first sets the tone for the rest of the song and i love the last part of the 2nd verse.
    "if you a friend time to say too-da-lo, cuz ain't no possible way he could eva be true to you.
    cancle your appointment to do the do, if he want to kill himself what the fuck you think he wanna do to you!"

    that song is a masterpeice

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    1st verse Red Nose
    Tech's verse Killin It
    Tech's verse Jump Around The Room
    All Trapped In A Psycho's Body
    All This Ring
    2nd verse Come Gangsta
    Tech's verse My World
    1st verse This Is Me
    3rd verse Happy Ending
    1st verse Last Words
    1st verse Midwest Choppers
    Tech's verse Fan Or Foe
    2nd & 3rd verse Girl Crazy
    Tech's verse You Don't want It
    Tech's verse No More Me and You
    3rd verse Money

    all in no particular order.

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    if i had to rake a top flow;

    i would have to do it by year his shit betters it self

    tha verse in questions, where he's like: "pit bottomless a, in you toss i'll nigga ass bade mitch, pussie's haten playa huntin is, side west mid," that shit is dope

    i don't know i would have to research an shit ya kno

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    Dont have a fave but some i really like are, 1st verse Last Words, Techs verse in Killin It, 3rd verse Red Nose (Singing is way dope) 1st verse Happy Ending, 1st verse This Ring, Techs verse on Rewind, 3rd verse Come Gangster, 1st verse King, Clown, G, Techs verse in Kill Em Off, Techs verse in Why.................I could go on for hours, those are some just off tha top.

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    I like:
    Every verse form breathe
    Its alive
    Midwest choppers
    This ring
    Kansas city king
    Cloudy eye stroll
    Now its on
    One night stand
    Message from the blackman
    Absolute power
    2nd verse of what we are wit potluck
    1st verse of 7 sins
    Broken chains

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    all this ring
    all red nose
    all p.a.s.e.o
    1st and 3rd on my world
    all trapped in a pscho's body
    techs verse on the song What we are
    all going bad

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