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Thread: StrangeVideos...share your thoughts

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    StrangeVideos...share your thoughts

    That's the department in my opinion were they seem to drop the ball,Tech could have been been in the spotlight years ago if it wasn't for the choices of the videos,Think about it !

    #1(Slacker) out of all the tight tracks on that album,they choose the worst one,the quality was on point but the track is whack ,just keepin it real.

    #2(Bout to Bubble) same shit,they should have picked "Riot Maker" or "my world" anything other than "Bout to bubble"

    #3(like yeah) now we getting on the right track,tight track,nice quality,cool video

    im looking forward to the "Red Nose" Video though,should be step up,but we shall see

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    Bout Ta Bubble is when Tech started getting seen more so I think that song choice was good for a video.

    Idk what Red Nose will do for getting him out there more either.....the theme of the song isn't really something thats going to have non technicians wanting to see the vid. Like its not a party song or anything like that.

    I think Red Nose is going to be more of a song for Technicians more than it will be for the general population.

    Just my thoughts

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    Slacker wasn't the best video. Bout To Bubble is amazing. That's one of the best videos Ive ever seen. Like Yeah was good but not great. It came out two months after Killer was released and just had him standing their with some other people. I'm looking forward to Red Nose it looks like it will destroy any other music video thats been made. I know Prozak had some videos and Kutt had Bunk Rock Bitch but they should infect the planet with songs and Music Videos.

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    i agree slacker was the shit when i first saw and bout ta bubble was in fact amazing because it just gave tech some better views...and like yeah was....i dont was just its own video...i guess i thought it would be like another bout to bubble video but more fucking badass because the song was badass like fuck...

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    SLACKER is probably in my top 5 favs. Cuz i'm a SLACKER

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    They picked Slacker & Bout Ta Bubble cuz it was the most mainstream on the CD.

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    i like bout ta bubble and kutt's bunk rock video. I think the Like Yeah video sucks because it dont even go with the song.

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    see i gotta agree with this to a certain extent see i think the slacker video is great but they coulda used a better song off the album to do a video to, not saying slacker is bad song (at all) but coulda used a different song. and bout to bubble is the same shit, great video but again coulda used a better song off the album. like yeah is on the complete other side of this all, great song and very good choice to do off the album but the video didn't go with the song and i was picturing a party typa video. it kinda reminded me of the one blood video and i didn't like it. and imma tell was a video for tech fans not the "world" you know what i'm sayin'

    just my thoughts on it

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    i forgot about imma tell & Bunk rock bitch,
    im a tell was cool but i wouldnt really call that a video,it was more of a backstage tour for the fans.Im a have to agree in regards of "Like yeah" i liked the video it was the right choice but the video didn't compliment the track.Bunk rock Bitch in my opinion was the wrong choice for a video and single but i see why they did it because the whole auto tune trend,but i think he had way better material on his album to choose from.

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