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Thread: UNDEAD

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    Hollywood Undead at the gothic theatre tomorrow night in denver im stoked as shit!!!!!! What do you guys think of these guys?? The slipknot of hip hop

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    I think they're gay as hell (jus my opinion no disrespect)

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    Senior Member Cloud's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    i think they are terrible...main dude (charlie seen lol) sounds like he wants to be eminem a lil too much and they rap about stupid shit

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    Senior Member David72's Avatar
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    I like a few of their songs but they have a corny look with the whole mask thing

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    ther real good, have a unique sound i really like, can cover alot of dif topics nd do them all good, i like em alot

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    Post a song?

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    I like them but I don't think they will have any future success. Charlie seen seems like a one hit wonder, but i like the way their shit sounds.

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    they're pretty cool

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    Man I seen em in cincy ohio just a couple weeks ago..My god it was the worst show ever!!! And ive seen some bad ones!!..The show just fucking sucked!! And they take there mask off in the first song and leave em off!!!

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    Man they're gay as fuck!
    Don't bring this shit on a Tech N9ne forum!
    Go to some my chemical romance fall out boy forum and talk about these faggots all you want.

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