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Thread: What do you all think of a TECH - AKON callbo?

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    What do you all think of a TECH - AKON callbo?

    I mean you know Tech kills it and sure Akon is a slave to the industry, but he's still legit to me, singing hooks for other people. None of that I love you stuff (I can't listen to that for more than 10 minutes)

    I think it would be AWESOME.

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    I am sick and tired of all these posts hey what you think about Tech and this person ( Akon, dr dre, linkin park, shit name any one you want) I mean im down for who ever Tech does a callbo for but we dont need to hear everyone you think Tech should do a callbo with im suprised there hasnt been Tech should do a callbo with the beach boys that would be sick what do you guys think? I think Tech would kill it on any track he does a callbo with just cus hes so versatile but enough with ppl thinking of a artist and sayin Tech needs to do a callbo with them. Any one else tired of this?

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    Haha, fukk brah no need ta cry bout it haha

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    Kaliko and Akon I can see, but not Tech

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    Akon would be awesome, but i'd like to see nate dogg on a chorus, or is he even around anymore?

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    anyone who likes akon is a FAG!!!!! fuck all you little ass pussy bitches with your akon shit. i would shit on akon and any of you that like him. he fucked up the game, and yall lame ass bitches that listen to that shit should just shoot yourself!

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    Why have akon on a track, when you allready have the best and most versatile vocalist on tha planet......Kali Baby!!!!!! Akon cant touch Kalico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F.T.I.!!!

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    Just to mix it up. Get anew sound in their. I still think Kali is better than Akon, but Akon's got a good voice. DAMN

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    kaliko blows akon out the fuckin building

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