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    Big Scoob

    Jus wonderin if yall Strange affiliates is up on Big Scoob. Personally I think is shit goes hard, his flow is decent, his cut on MLK was straight but im feeln his new shit, 99% sure imma cop his shit wen it drops, should be a dope album...u know Tech n everyone are gonna be on it, who else plan on getn it and if not why?

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    he a funny dude man he was clownin! all ima say is based of the sampler ima give him a try!! and yaw need to be talkin about that new prozac some more too!! i think i know what he plannin!!! and at first i was like what is this but i think i like where he takin this!!

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    i defenetly feel his ish and i also gonna buy his album it will be dope

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    Big Scoob is dope for sure I'm gonna get that album no doubt cause you know the Strange Family is gonna hve some crazy verses on there and Scoob can do his own thing on some tracks to.From what I heard on the sampler its gonna be a good album.

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    It is about time Strange picked him uup been waiting for this for years now Congrats Scoob!

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