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    What's up fellow Strangers~! I'm highhhh as fuck and I wanna know who else is high right now! Stoners unite in the power of TECCA NINA!!! And if ya wanna talk, let me know and I can give you my messenger information! PEACE TO YA STONER STRANGERS!!!


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    wish i was

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    Wishful thinking for me too.
    ha ha

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    dancing with a lil' cinderella in the bowl at the moment, bumpin' the new nina sampler -- shit is straight armageddon. ain't nobody even close anymore

    blaze on brother strange ~

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    Yea man, Tech N9ne for fucking life! He's the best thing that exists on this world currently, in the whole past of human life, and definately the future. No one at ALL can fuck with this dude. I promise you this. Not to mention... wanna know why no one tries to beef with Teca Nina!? Cuz they know he would fucking destroy whoever that person's ass is. They know staight up that Tech N9ne would demolish anything that opposes him and will laugh at you afterwards. That's just how good that mothafucka is. Oh and by the way, YES I am high as ballsacks dude. That's the only god dwam reason i even responded to this shit. But yeah man, TECH N9NE 4 LifE , yaaaaaddddddaaaaamean!?!!!


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    Oh yes, I'm about to it this bowl again! I'm hitting it "Like Yeah!!" And poppin open this 2nd Steel Reserve 40oz! TECH N9NE!!!


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    Hell yeah, blazzin bleezys all day evry day! Lettin tha good times rollll w/ fat sacs n trple stacks in the NorthWest. Much love to my hommies from the 'show me'. Us n the NW raise it up for the Nina and all yall Strangers with the utmost RESPECT. Halla from us truely organic KC folk in Pullman~

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    Dont smoke anymore panic attacks now Ever since my bad trip I had when I was seeing demons and other crazy shit plus the bitch I with fucked my mind up all the way im fucked for lyfe But I do sell it ALOT of it hahahahahah

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    Straight Smokin, cuz I'm outta cigs, preventing myself from leaving for awhile.

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