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Thread: Sickology VIP Package

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    Sickology VIP Package

    Hey, I just bought one for the Santa Cruz, CA show. I was wondering who has bought VIP Packages in the past and for this tour? I'm just curious as to what all goes down? Is it you and all the other VIP folks metting TECH, etc.?

    How's this all work? Thanks for the help y'all...

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    you go in and artists are standin' around... depends on how many people go to your vip, but the one I went to I could walk up to anyone of them and chat and get signed... check out the MEET TECH N9NE thread on here.

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    i did the vip at the catalyst last year. its like you and a group of like 30-40 other people just walking around getting autographs and talking to the artists. its pretty cool too. I would suggest going to the bar upstairs before and having a few drinks and just chill. i think im gonna do it again this year so i might see ya there!

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    Im probably going to order the one for anaheim

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    Its bad ass everybodys just chillin and bullshittin like youve known them forever

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