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Thread: Tech Moving to Singing....

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    Tech Moving to Singing....

    I really like the fact that Tech N9ne seems to be doing alot more singing in his music now. I think it's cool, that just makes him a more powerful artist in my opinion. What do you guys and gals think?

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    i think it's cool
    but i still hope he will do things more in the "anghellic and absolute power" way
    which in my opinion is the 2 best hip hop albums ever

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    it's cool. He does his thing and knows when he can sing and when to let Kali do it.

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    Anything that tech does is cool. He could do some opera and I'd buy it and listen to it, cuz I'm sure it would be insane.

    But I hope he still has his fast lines too, I wasn't hearin as much of that on the sampler.

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    Ya he didn't show us the speed in the sampler, but i know he's still got it so i'm not worried.

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    just wait for krizz's cd! you get a little snip of it on the sampler but damnnnnnn! i love it

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    I agree. I was surprised that he acutally embracing singing, I just didn't expect it. Surprisingly his voice is really nice.

    Quote Originally Posted by k-skale
    it's cool. He does his thing and knows when he can sing and when to let Kali do it.

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    in order to be the best you have to open your range
    and he covers it all singing rapping rocking rythem and blues and everything inbetween horrorcore and gospel
    fast or slow his rhymes are golden we gotta make this the best year for him lets make this shit hit 2 milli.

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    Tech is the best at what he does. Kali has a tight as voice too! So versatile.Gives me chills. Man the Strange Crew is just amazing 100% of the time! I'm really glad Tech is singing. He just makes me speechless. I LOVE STRANGE ALWAYS!!!!


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    Yea Kali has that great singing voice but Tech comes in rough when he sings and you can really feel what he is trying to say. He really doesnt sing a whole song so it adds to the rap I think!

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