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Thread: "In The Trunk": Danny Elfman-like

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    "In The Trunk": Danny Elfman-like

    Does anyone else think that, with what we've been blessed with, the snippet from "In the Trunk" kind of sounds like something from The Nightmare Before Christmas or something Danny Elfman might do?

    Personally, I think it does. I'm not dissing it, either. I think it sounds great and is a terrific song. I was just curious if anyone else shares theses thoughts...

    STRANGE Music!!

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    never saw that movie, personally thats the only song from tech on the sampler that i wasnt feelin as much due to the chorus

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    It shares in rhythm and vocals like the Ommpa Loompa songs, or yes, even Danny Elfman's soundtrack .

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    doesn't have anything to do with the whole Danny Elfman thing but "In The Trunk" and Prozak's "Vertigo" got a same rhythmic flow to me anyways

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    RHYTHMICALLY, it sounds very similar to Danny Elfman's of operatic scores.

    You might want to listen to score soundtracks such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Men In Black, Beetlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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    Just for those of you who've never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, and want to listen. Something to compare to.
    Only movie i have the full soundtrack to. It's funny as hell to blast it driving and see the looks I get from people.

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