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Thread: Techs showin no love to the east side

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    Techs showin no love to the east side

    i live in new york and the last 2 times tech has gone on tour he hasent even come close to new york and im willing to drive 5 hours to see him. i know he isnt as big on the east coast as he is every where else, the last 3 times i saw him there werent even 300 people in the crowd in nyc so i think he should tour more in the east coast to get more fans.

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    well thats why
    you need like
    1000 peeps
    to request him an ishh
    come on, you gotta get more people to switch over to the darkside. lol
    try and turn hip hop/rap lovers into TECHNITIONS

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    I feel you on this. Me and my girlfriend drove about 17 hours straight to catch the only show we could make for the Strictly Strange Tour.. We drove about 1,000 miles from Trenton, NJ to Missouri. East Coast people need to get up on some Tech. I'm probably not gonna be able to make this tour. It sucks.

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