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Thread: fuck stircrazy

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    fuck stircrazy

    i refuse 2 every listen 2 stircrazy just caz he posts nuthin 4 publicity..any1 else feel the same?

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    i second that yes

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    hell ya

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    For sure everytime he gets in a post it takes up a entire fuckin page that shit is annoying.

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    So he spams the place, he's still a dope producer.
    I'm not going to NOT listen to him, because he's trying to advertise.

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    -If anyone anywhere thinks I have the time to be everywhere at once all day everyday promoting non stop and make music, act in movies etc is crazy. I have people help out and some people take it overboard a bit. I do apologize but some the kids that help are young and doing so as a fever and don't understand when it goes too far.

    It is very much so annoying and I have not been able to see how much trouble it has caused on some internet websites. The acting of others should not be in any way be directed at me as its only my name and not myself 98 percent of the time.

    If anyone wants to contact me the only way to do so is



    More people then myself do check my myspace but messaged are saved and responded by me when needed and there are also fakes out there trying to take credit where not due.

    I do apologize and it's hard to keep updated on everything all at once.

    Thanks for your time and I will do my best to make sure that there is not to much spamming, or promoting where not due.


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