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    VIP Package

    This might be a dumb question but when you buy the VIP package is that also your ticket into the concert? or do you gotta buy a ticket to the concert too?

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    no, by buying the VIP package, you get admission to the show, along with all the other things strange music and greet, shirts, posters, etc.

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    it's ur concert ticket. u will go vip meanin u will get extra stuff a week b4 the concert u will see tech and others 1 hour b4 they open the doors to the public u will also get to have a chance to have front row access b4 the enjoy!! and dont 4get to say to tech YO TECH...WHATS UP WIT RAIN DOLLAZ?! he gonna tell u something!!

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    its the best 115 you will ever spend Ive bought them 3 times and plan to do it this go around as well

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