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    Do you think that the posters and cds are actualy signed by tech n9ne or just printed on there?????/

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    Dec 2008
    He signs them. I'm pretty sure of it. Tech's about his fans, he wouldn't cheat us like that.

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    Ight Thanks Cuz i didnt wnt to get it and then find out it was just fake

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    he signs them if ur wonderin if its a stamp or not..try to errase the end of the signature lol jk but he signs it!! thats why no one is gettin them early cause he gotta sign em all and stuff. it would be fucked up to get a stamped autograph..cause in that case id just be waitin till i see him to sign them. lol hahaha

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    personally signed.

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    i got 2 posters and theyre real signatures, u can str8 up c the silver sharpie.

    like mr stinky says

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    they're real bro

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