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Thread: wtf!!!!

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    Junior Member Jamie28's Avatar
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    Mar 2009


    where is New York in this bitch? I have been patiently waiting for Tech nad now I'm getting impatient....this is serious...Tech needs to come to NY soon or I might have a stroke!!!!

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    Same with Florida. I'm getting Impatient.I have been waiting FOREVER. Ugh.

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    Senior Member boogiesauce's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    atleast tech has been to nyc within like the last year he hasn't been to the southeast in over 2 years

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    Mar 2009
    im wit u on this.. new york all day.. he comes more in the summer strange noize 1&2 fire and ice tour.. but skipped us on the strickly strange tour and now this tour.. hopefully him and the kings do strange noize 3 this summer

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    Senior Member l<ingJuelz's Avatar
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    Im in b estatic if he kums 2 nyc....i'll def. b there

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    he can't go to every state but I do feel bad for you guys in cities tech's not visiting cuz his shows are tha SHIIITT!!!

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    im happy to live in CA shit load of shows down here baby!

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    yea... and make a trip back to saginaw... tell prozak to come home for a minute... shooters is a country bar now so we gotta hold the venue somewhere else... cmon tech... dont BE a nigga, be MY nigga!

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    You ain't a nigga.

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    Nov 2008
    at least you have the chance... Tech have been to Denmark once and i was like fourteen then

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