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Thread: No love for the East...again

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    No love for the East...again

    2 tours in a row Tech ain't comin to the East Coast. I live in Massachusetts and the East needs more Tech shows

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    Senior Member l<ingJuelz's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    I no....fuk in fukin jersey n fukin NEED 2 c tech live already....i'll fukin go Massachusetts if i hv

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    yo fuck the east, thats why. but good 2 hear theres a few strange soliders out there, he comes here 2-3 times a year!!

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    As I've said before, he needa come to Florida. Im so impatient. I wouldve bought a vip thing and errthang. Im so mad!!

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    Senior Member Cody Sipe's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    get a bunch of you friends and demand him on have everyone you know post the demand badge for tech on there myspaces n shit.... strange keeps up on that shit if you demand he will come!

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    yeah im from NYC.. tech jus cant bring in a deep crowd in NYC its a damn shame too he seems to be trying to get the west on lock, bring murs on tour wit him will deff help him draw crowds in nyc

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    two words -- ROAD TRIP !

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    Senior Member boogiesauce's Avatar
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    Yeah, his ass needs to travel to atl... i woulda already bought the vip pack and i know like 4 or 5 friends woulda too

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    I've given up.

    If he's on tour with MURS and can't come to the east, I give up.

    If he goes on tour with Kottonmouth Kings, (hed) P.E., etc and can't come here. I give up.

    Kottonmouth Kings and (hed) P.E. are both headlining shows here in the next two months.

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    lol get used to it

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