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    Maybe someone can help out here cuz this kinda confuses me. Correct me if i'm wrong but there are two versions of Anghellic out there right? One under Strange Music and the other under a different label (cant remember which one) i know the two have a lot of the same tracks but i know there are some that differ. Me being the hardcore Technician that i am i'm tryin to get that other version of Anghellic... Can someone help out

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    check ebay. i couldve gotten it waaaaaaaaay back but i was like i wish i did. i got the first version which was wit jcor entertainment.. crazy waaaaaaay back i didnt even notice it said strange music on the back lol

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    Yeah there 2 versions 1s just Anghellic and the 2nd is Anghellic the reperation then 1st got planet rock 2k1 and a couple other songs and the reperation got breathe, devil boy, and other songs that aint on the 1st 1. Yeah bout gettin it I neva seen the 1st 1 in stores the only way 2 get it is on ebay or u just hella lucky and sum1 sellin it

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