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Thread: Tech not comin to TX

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    Tech not comin to TX

    What's up wit this??? I drove to KC last year to see him on the strange noize and it was better than I could ever imagine...but dog, your killin my gas. I guess OK is the closest he'll get but TX has mad love for Tech. I mean shit he workin wit Paul Wall and Scarface

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    hell yeah thats wut i said no love 4 h-town but we help him get out there more with special features damn thAts cold i was told he was suppose to come early 09 but i guess they lied! ...... I can't tell you specially why. I honestly don't even know. It will be rescheduled in early 2009 though. As well the other date.thats wut sum one messeged me bak when the houston show got cancelled last year!

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    He skipped the whole East Coast, again.

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    even just one show in tx and im sure everyone in the major cities would come out.hell in 05 we drove to tulsa to see him because he didn't come to tx.

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