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Thread: Whoda is Tech N9ne?

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    Whoda is Tech N9ne?

    This guy look cooooool, who is he?

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    Tha greatest artist on tha planet, and a lyrical genious!!!!!!!!

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    You're kidding right? You go on his website, and don't even know who he is? Seems strange to me. but w/e

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    go an buy his CD

    you'll get a glipse into his life wit a complex CD

    and if you get his second album ABSOLUTE POWER
    you not only get some great party music mix'd wit serious substance
    but it comes wit a bonus DVD wit him doin old performances and an interview

    but i recommend you go an get his old DVD documentary called "T9X"
    O and just buy all his cd's you love em'
    VINTAGE TECH(the old shit)
    EVERREADY(the religion)
    KILLER(a double disc)
    and SICKOLOGY 101: the study of being sick(april 28th 2009)

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    two words....THE BEST

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    two words....THE BEST

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    a black guy

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    The best rapper to ever breath on a mic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    tech said it best "wolf in reverse is flow gotta letta nikkuh know" i wish he would do more backwords stuff.... that is so one can do that but tech no one!!!! "He is cold as ice he is cold as ice.....CELCIUS!!!!!

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    One Of The Best Artist Ever Blessed The Mic!

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