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Thread: What YOUR name means?

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    What YOUR name means?

    okay so I'm interested in what or where your screen name comes from. or why you chose it. MINE= I 'm known alot as Mr 64 Magic. It started from the plates on my 64 lowrider and it kinda evolved into what is now Magic Art Werx.

    So what does your mean?

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    I don't know how it started. A bunch of stoners aka my friends used to give different nicknames 'til one stuck.
    Since I was "dubbed" K-Skale, I told them it's 'cuz I'm a Scale above the rest.... we just went with that.

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    Rain Dollaz

    it's like it's Raining dollaz.. but i also came up wit a side meanin for it.

    R.A.I.N. dollaz

    Run Away In Nature hopefully feed from money issues. so i know when ppl see my name they think automaticly oh here

    is another guy about money...naw i actualy hate how ppl act for money and what limit we would go to get it. so in my mind and thoughts is the only way to be free..where no money can ever rull! the NATURE part is being free in the world. deep i know.

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    theres a Villain on Batman that was considerd the devil because of his thoughts so when i was younger they calld me whisper because of my thoughts.

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    cuz right now i'm like the janitor for strange music. LOL!

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    im n the army n ma homeboys ddnt wanna call each otha by our las names cuz that would make it obvious as hell that we were in the army ( as if the short cut hair n clean shaven face wuz obvious enuff) so they took the 1st letter of ma las the beginin of ma 1st name....wel....i added another L n out came j-well

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    For me being from creek county in tha OK is pretty much dodging your way through corruption on a daily basis, down here all the judges and police are crooked and for ppl from other counties to always end up in creek county jail systems they always say its the worst county theyve been in so it pretty much stuck instead of ppl calling our county "creek county", they call it "crook county" , shit gets pretty bad when it comes to authorities. My homies called me SICK before i became a teen and basically because im always doin something violently strange and there it is, DASICKESTOFCROOKCOUNTY.

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    mines #8 caz were im frm we got our own click called the 10 boyz we all got our own number mine bein #8

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    It basically means I'm a white Tech N9ne, but really I'm not, I just think it's clever.
    and for a while I thought my rap name should be White T, but now I think I wanna call myself TK.

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    boogie sauce

    sauce i leave on your girl

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