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Thread: Serious Topic about Meet N Greet....

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    Serious Topic about Meet N Greet....

    Ok, so I know most of us are always excited to meet Tech, Kali and the whole strange crew...I've noticed that some would say that "Tech's music saved my life" and then the blogs on TRTN kinda speak for question to you is, how many of you actually can humbly say that it is CLEANSING and HEALING when you meet some of the artists at the meet and greet? Like, for me honestly given how SM has a big impact on my life(i know it's kinda repetitive cuz so many heads say it), <em>I think I would actually give them a hug and probably tear up a bit...just because it moved me in so many ways...have you ever had this experience in the meet and greet? I strongly suggest that you respond to this thread in a MATURE manner and not with ignorance...just thought I'd ask, thanks.</em>

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    its definitely cool meeting em and talking to them, but thats about it for me. I dont get butterflies or anything cuz theyre real people like you and me. When people say their music changed or even saved their life, im not really sure what they mean. There's not a lot of positive influence coming from their music, and im not hating in that statement. theyre not telling you to get a job, respect your parents, or stay away from drugs and alcohol which i think would be what really brings a good change into someones life. Im not trying to debunk what you're saying at all my friend, just wondering what exactly brought a change to your life. I dont think people should really let music affect them in anyway, they should be make decisions for themselves either cuz they know its right or because theyre man enough to make their own choices in life. Just my opinion bro, not trying to cause drama.

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    No. Because it's just music to me. It gets you through tough times sure, but I'd never tear up over meeting them lol. I've never understood the whole Stanism thing were music is life, take Vlad for example, dude can't shut up for five seconds with out giving Elzhi a rimjob. To me, it's music, listen to it when you're bored or wana chill/party whatever. Just don't blow your load or cry infront of everyone at a meet and greet without expecting the Michael Myers themesong to start playing in the background of everyones mind. Don't take my straight forwardness as hate btw. Just sayin' how I think.

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    Thanks for responding, I respect both of your opinions and some ways i can agree/disagree...I guess for ME personally there are some topics in a track that I hear that I can relate to and moves me in some sort of way, like being an outcast, being picked on, perceived the wrong way, etc. So I do not really see a big problem with it but in some ways music is cleansing to people, or anything else for that matter...but it's really up to the listener and whatever they can pick up from a song by ANY artist or anyone that either has a talent or something they do that they love and influences others effectively, then i would say YES music those play a big part in MY LIFE for the most part. However, you are correct because it really should not affect my decision making and my actions as a person..unfortunately, there are those who let the music and culture background of artistic minds consume their everyday lives and that is their own fault, not necessarily the artists. So yea like sometimes we may say to those who are like "groupies" or "stans" because of how crazy they are about the artist they love and enjoy their music, craft, art, etc but everyone has their opinions and how they view some it can be suitable and to others it may not...and that's ok. but once again, i appreciate your input and believe me, it's not perceived as hate...I think it was very respectful and honest to give your insight even if we don't agree o the same page...

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    Musics saved my life, more of the old 90's rock bands than hip hop...I dont get all Stan over it though..I agree with whoever said that thing about rappers not really having a positive image/message..But on the flip there are those type of Emcees coming...Even though Hops lyrics are wild his overall image/message is positive...Grieves and most of Rhymesayers are these as well..Joe Budden is another one..They do exist..It's still not cool though to show human qualities and IMO thats why alot of these dudes that could do alot of good for society dont get attention one wants to hear the truth..

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